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Duke says the party, if elected, plans to come to Trinidad and deliver a letter to the Prime Minister to renegotiate the relationship between Trinidad and Tobago.

Inrepresentative government was abolished, with the Crown Colony introduced to handle the administration of the island. It is important to note also that subject to the provisions of the Representation of the People Act op.

About The Assembly

The Chief Administrator is the most senior public officer in the administration and is attached to the Office of the Chief Secretary. Currently the 10 Divisions are: Organisation of the Assembly Afterthe THA was formed into seven divisions, each representing a developmental concern.

That is to say it is the day after registration for an electoral registration closes. Election Notice Upon receipt of a Writ of Election a Returning Officer shall within two days thereafter and not less than twelve days before nomination day, publish in the official Gazette and in at least one daily newspaper an Election Notice.

The Clerk of the Assembly is responsible for the efficient Tobago house of assembly elections essay of functions of the business of the Assembly. The candidate says her party has a working document that will show a number of reformations to the current system, in areas of health, agriculture, infrastructure and tourism.

For example, if electoral registration commences on, say, 16th March x then the qualifying date is 25th March x. For example, if polling day is, say, 26th October x then nomination day is 5th October x. She noted that outgoing Chief Secretary Orville London has been in the position for the last 16 years.

He says governance under the PNM would mean enhanced delivery and strengthened partnership. It also includes four Councillors, three of whom are appointed in accordance with the advice of the Chief Secretary and one on the advice of the minority leader; and a Presiding Officer, who may or may not be an Assemblyman or a Councillor.

List of Electors During an election year the Commission is obliged to publish four 4 types of List of Electors. She says the American system of two term limits would be adopted, should her party win the election.

Outlined hereunder are some of the steps taken prior to an election. And, a third option for Tobagonians ahead of the election lies in Eudine Job-Davis who represents the Movement for Transformation.

Infor the first time, the THA was without a minority leader, as the ruling PNM has been elected to all 12 seats.

FAQs There are several statutory obligations and deadlines that must be met as the process develops prior to the actual conduct of the poll on polling day. Election Day Election Day is generally a Monday, though by custom and not law shall be not less than twenty-one 21 days after nomination day.

The original THA was a colonial institution designed to run the island for the benefit of its small ruling class by passing laws and statutes and distributing land. Each division is led by a secretary, with an administrator serving as the accounting officer responsible for producing the desired results of the division.

Job-Davis says her party is prepared to make major changes to the way Tobagonians are governed. The Commission is mandated by law to submit reports on the review of the boundaries for Parliamentary, Local Government, and Tobago House of Assembly elections within certain specified periods.

Today the THA comprises two main arms, the Legislative Arm and the Executive Arm, and 10 divisions — nine with particular remits plus the Office of the Chief Secretary, which oversees the others.

Tobago House of Assembly

Speaking on Power The relevant report of the Commission which is generally the schedule to the order contains the basic parameters necessary for the holding of an election. These functions are supported by the Assembly Legislature Secretariat and headed by the Presiding Officer.

Finally, the Progressive Democratic Patriots headed by Watson Duke promises to deal with Tobago house of assembly elections essay issues affecting Tobago including housing, employment, self-governance, education and health.

M Tuesday morning, Tobago Forwards political leader Christlyn Moore said she expects things to run smoothly as it relates to filing her papers as all papers have been prescreened and approved. And from the qualifying date to the date proclaimed by the President as the termination of an electoral registration, no registration transaction affecting the register of electors can be effected.

The Executive arm of the Assembly is headed by the Chief Secretary in his capacity as leader of the Executive Council. The economic and social foundations are strong, they are solid and we are best poised in terms of options to continue the developmental process in Tobago.

InTobago was joined with Trinidad by the British Government. Electoral Registration Prior to the issuing of writs of any election, the President may by proclamation declare a period of electoral registration An Electoral Registration provides an eleventh-hour opportunity, as it were, for individuals to be registered or to have their registration status rectified before an upcoming election.

Consequently, a Public Interest Desk was established to allow the public to give their input on governance of the island.Home › Media Room › Election Notices. Election Notices. Home; About Us. Background; Mission and Vision; Preliminary Examination of Nomination Papers.

View Preliminary Examination of Nomination Papers. June 12, Tobago House of Assembly Elections, – Final Result. THA Results – final. December 27, Page 1. Nomination day for the January 23, Tobago House of Assembly got underway today with candidates from four parties filing nomination papers.

Speaking on Power F.M Tuesday morning, Tobago Forwards political leader Christlyn Moore said she expects things to run smoothly as it relates to filing her papers as all papers have been.

Historical Background. T he Tobago House of Assembly is this country’s oldest political institution. The THA was first incarnated in in the island’s former capital, George Town, which is now Studley Park. The capital moved to Scarborough inas did the offices of the member elected House of Assembly (Lower House) and the appointed Legislative Council (Upper House).

The Tobago House of Assembly (THA) is a unicameral autonomous legislative body responsible for the island of Tobago within the twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The THA was established in to rectify some of the disparities in the relationship between the two islands, though a prior body using the same name existed from.

A total of 39 candidates from four different political parties yesterday submitted their nomination papers to contest the Tobago House of Assembly elections on January Three out of the four political parties arrived at the Election and Boundaries Commission’s offices with blaring music, scores of supporters, dressed in party colours, waving.

Tobago House of Assembly Elections Essay - Introduction Ethics refers to well-founded standards of right and wrong that prescribe what humans ought to do, usually in terms of rights, obligations, benefits to society, fairness, or specific virtues (Velasquez, Andre, Shanks, Meyer and Meyer ).

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Tobago house of assembly elections essay
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