The venerable kassapa thera a living

Pennsylvania State University Press, The Buddha told him of the traditional practice of offering the four requisites to bhikkhus of high morality. A donor should avoid looking down on others who cannot make a similar offering nor should he celebrate his own charity. Residual kamma is the last in the priority of giving results.

Outline of Buddhism

Heavy kamma, which produces its resultant in this very life or in the next. They may have good food, a kind owner, beautiful appearance, etc. He admits his mistake, yet he does not become angry. The Buddha also explained to the bhikkhus what the pleasures of the senses were, what their faults and dangers were, and the way of escape from them.

Unwholesome kamma, which produces its effect in the four lower realms. The Perfection of Wisdom text and commentaries Washington, D.

සර්ව රාත්‍රික පරිත්‍රාන ධර්ම දේශනාව

Although the discourses were mostly intended for the benefit of bhikkhus and deal with the practice of the pure life and with the explanation of the teaching, there are also several other discourses which deal with the material and moral progress of the lay disciple.

Why are some rich while others are poor? In consequence of improved morality, their life-span expanded again until it reached eighty thousand years when a universal monarch appeared once more to rule righteously.

This is why the Buddha said that beings have kamma as their relatives. He taught the Dhamma classified under separate heads as group of the ones, group of the twos, etc.

This mental kamma is strong enough to cause rebirth in the lower realms. There are abundant examples in the discourses concerning charity and ways of giving alms.

He then described the five destinations and the actions which lead to them as well as the wrong beliefs and practices of the naked ascetics to whose camp Sunakkhatta now belonged. The motivating force in an act of charity is the volition, the will to give. If one is urged to do misdeeds by others, the results will be nevertheless be experienced by oneself, just as if one had taken poison on being told that it was delicious.

Regenerative kamma, which conditions rebirth. Death-proximate kamma, which one does just before death. Intelligence is not the same as wisdom, but a clear intellectual grasp of the Dhamma will ensure that one is free from gross wrong-views.

The Buddha told him about the three kinds of miracles which he had known and realized by himself through supernormal knowledge. Your browser does not support the audio element. Eight stages of release of the mind by intense concentration. The absorptions are heavy wholesome kammas. Charles Luk The Diamond Sutra.

Rhys Davids, QKM introduction. Let the Dhamma, not anything else, be your refuge. For instance, we find in many discourses the statement: When they are reborn again as human beings, they are often sick or accident-prone. He left the order after three years. Each individual has a unique potential, which may be realised to a greater or lesser extent.

It is a falsehood that your reverence has spoken. The Buddha explained further that his disciples practised the noble life under him not to acquire such divine powers but with a view to the realization of dhammas which far excel and transcend these mundane kinds of concentrations.

This will lead to seeing things as they really are, which means insight knowledge. Sustained Application Beginning the Journey 1. The beneficial effects of morality are rebirth in noble families or in heavenly planes, beauty, fame, and having many friends. Dhammachakka Suthra File size: It is like kinetic energy or momentum.

Teachings of the Buddha. When buying gold or gems people question the seller about their purity. Seeing the dog on the heap of ashes, Subha was worried.Bhikkhu Pesala. The Debate of King Milinda.

Latest PDF Edition. August This edition was previously published as a paperback for free distribution by The Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation in මුල් පිට. Traditional Sinhala place names in Sri Lanka and their Tamilized forms. Pirith is the Sinhala word for paritta (in Pali), which means protection.

"It protects one from all directions", is the traditional definition. A Bibliography of Translations from the Chinese Buddhist Canon. Thus I heard: At one time the Buddha was living at Rajagaha, at Veluvana, in the squirrel's feeding-ground.

At that time the Venerable Maha Kassapa, who was living in Pipphali Cave, was sick, stricken with a severe illness.

Essence of Tipiṭaka

Dhutanga (Pali dhutaṅga "renunciation", known in Thai as "Thudong"; Sinhalese: ධුතාඞ්ග) is a group of thirteen austerities or ascetic practices most commonly observed by the practitioners of the Thai Forest Tradition of Theravada the Buddha did not require these practices, they were recommended for those wanting to practice greater asceticism.

The venerable kassapa thera a living
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