The benefits of aromatherapy for students essay

The Postoperative nausea PON is a common complication of anesthesia and surgery. The result was that the massage was measured in term of changes in the length of time the infants cried per week.

Intensive Aromatic Interventions - An Essay on Aromatherapy

Jean Valnet, a French physician, who was employed with the French army during World War 2 began using essential oils on wounded soldiers, when his supply of antibiotics ran out and found the oils to have a positive effect on infections Close p1.

These oils also help to banish sluggishness and fatigue in the stressful world. According to Holt, Muntyan and LikyerRess et al, preformed a double-blinded crossover trial to study the effects of peppermint oil on the relief of irritable bowel syndrome and were performed in a multi-centre study.

At night time no difference in diastolic blood pressure. Before we can achieve the healthful benefits of aromatherapy, we should apply these oils properly and carefully.

The Greeks also played a role in the history of aromatherapy.

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Indigestion problems that may lead to diarrhea and constipation may be relieved by basil, bergamot, chamomile, peppermint and rosemary. It was right there that the wise Hippocrates advocated the healthy benefits to be gained by adding scented oils to warm bath water. Aromatherapy with lavender essential oil might reduce depression and stress among hemodialysis patients.

Client A presented with post operative pain and inflammation when he attended the clinic. A randomized controlled clinical trial. Frankincense essential oil is taken from the resin, not the bark or the branches of the tree, the collection of frankincense properly, is a slow and carefully process that must be followed exactly, Essential oil world, There are other oxides and these usually include linalol oxide found in hyssop, ascaridol, bisabolol oxide and bisabilone oxide Lawless, When two hundred overweight volunteers were randomly given either vanilla-scented patch, lemon-scented patch, or no patch, those who wore vanilla patch for four weeks lost both their appetite for sweets and about 2.

For a safe effective treatment all safety precautions should be taken, all new oils should be checked for specific safety data, due to toxicity levels, phototoxicity, dermal irritation and sensitization, Lawless, The frequency of vomiting times in day of the treatment was decreased in both groups.

A week prior to the lesions appearing client had suffered a very bad cold and felt very tired and had a loss of concentration. From the late 20th century to the present day, there is a growing resurrection of the use of more natural products including essential oils for therapeutic, cosmetic and aromatic benefit.

Maury used the oils blended in vegetable oils, created for the individuals personal needs and used massage for the application method of the oils Bensouilah pp According to Quintessence Aromatherapy the Arab merchants used to transport valuable herbs and spices across the deserts to Assyria, Babylon, China, Greece, Rome and Persia.

As Schnaubelt suggested he does not see the need that a practitioner be a doctor. Essential oils containing phenols should be used in low concentrations and only for a short time during a treatment due to their toxicity level, if used over a long time it can be harmful as the liver is required to work hard to excrete the toxins from the body Esoteric oils, Also clary sage should not be used while consuming alcohol and hops should not be used for anyone suffering from depression, Lawless, In accordance with the journal article: ‘Effectiveness of aromatherapy in reducing stress and anxiety level in undergraduate health science students: a preliminary study’, thirty-six students between aged 18 to 29 received treatments in two different groups, aroma group and control group.

The study used essential oil of ginger, blend of essential oils of ginger, spearmint, peppermint, and cardamom, or isopropyl alcohol to show the effect of aromatherapy in reduction of postoperative nausea after anesthesia and surgery, the study eventually show that the total of subjects were screened for inclusion; subjects.

Essential oils can come from all parts of the plant including, leaves, flowers, roots, seeds or fruit. Some examples of essential oils that come from different parts of a plant are: leaf-Peppermint, flowers-Rose, roots-Angelica, seeds-Black Pepper, fruit (rind)-Orange.

As these essential oils enter our bodies, various benefits may be attained. A is for the appropriate use and application of these essential oils. Before we can achieve the healthful benefits of aromatherapy, we should apply these oils properly and carefully.

The Benefits Of Aromatherapy

Oils should not be used internally or ingested. They are extremely potent and can be. Essay on Benefits for Disabled Students - Benefits for Disabled Students The inclusion of special needs students is increasingly popular.

In the school year only 25% of disabled students were educated in inclusive environments. The number almost doubled to % by the school year (Fine ). 'The use of essential oils never ceased, but the scientific revolution minimized the popularity and use of essential oils in one's everyday life,' (Aroma Web, ).

Today's heightened awareness and with the increased availability of aromatherapy information within books and upon the Internet has re-fuelled the use of essential oils .

The benefits of aromatherapy for students essay
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