Teacher made students write arabic numbers

If your students are struggling with certain numbers, feel free to also write the numeral on the board but be sure to say it first. Continuously, several students teacher made students write arabic numbers first language is Arabic write endless sentences with no periods and infinite commas! Smaller classes can engage in play-acting and dialogues in a way that larger classes can not.

When you say a word aloud, the student whose turn it is should run to the board and write the numeral. Secondly, I will discuss the main differences between reading in L1 and L2.

Teach them to yourself now before you go on. Have each student choose and write in symbols a number from eleven to nineteen and take that many sticks.

Likewise, the transition from a non-alphabetic system e. Some erroneously think that learning Arabic means converting to Islam. When you call out a number, the first student to say and smack the appropriate card gets to keep it.

Taking a middle stance on the issue, they believe that while some strategies can be taught, others e. The next section moves to a more specific account of the major challenges, problems, and issues faced by Arabic-speaking students by virtue of their L1.

If the tens frames and word card match they keep the matching pair and the winner is the student with the most pairs. Then look at the Arabic answers. Many students tend to literally translate from their first language to English. Students should record with pictures, words and an equation what they did and what their result is.

Understand that in a teen number the 1 represents one group of ten Activity 1 Have students sit with a partner. This is a good opportunity for them to practice letter and word spacing.

A group activity will get your students on their feet. Write the numbers 11 — 19 in symbols and words on chart paper, highlighting the inconsistencies of the language and exploring for fun alternative forms of some of the teen numbers, for example, eleven oneteentwelve twoteenthirteen threeteenfifteen fiveteen.

Generally, the more distant the writing system in L1, the less smooth the transition to reading in L2 is, regardless of how many strategies are used previously Bassetti, Have them fill in the grid with letters and then say letters at random until one or more students have gotten bingo. How many beans are left to plant in the second row?

The three stages of a holistic reading approach as modeled on Swaffar and Arens Model one more example then have the students individually draw and write about three of their favourite teen numbers. For example, the root KTB which has the basic meaning of write can be combined with different patterns of vowels to give, among other words, kataba he wroteyaktubu he writeskitab bookmaktab officeand maktaba library.

Words like teacher, student, book, pencil, and desk would all be appropriate. Introduce students to plastic beans and containers. Depending on the writing system of the L1, there seems to be a permanent effect on the reading habits of the individual, impacting several variables including reading fluency, word recognition, and language processing.

Session 4 Understand and apply a ten for one exchange. Students may be confused or hesitant due to lack of understanding but will often be unwilling or unable to ask for help.


Recognise and record words and symbols for teen numbers. Plus, the teacher should give them solutions to over come this problem out like adding periods then starting new sentences and using connectors.

The question then becomes:How to Teach Numbers. some new vocabulary so choose words that will be used often in your classroom and words where the plural form is made by simply adding -s. Words like teacher the student whose turn it is should run to the board and write the numeral. If your students do very well, tell them they have to spell out the word and maybe.

Arabic Numbers. 27 comments. So if you want to be able to read the numbers correctly (and write them correctly), you need to be familiar with the material below. Furthermore, since you may not know any colloquial Arabic, you will need the rules and pronunciation from the standard when you wish to use numbers in speech.

Arabic Numbers

Some students of. Lina Gomaa is a language instructor having taught Arabic to students at Beloit College in Wisconsin and English to students at Misr International University in Cairo. She holds a BA in Creative Writing from Beloit College and obtained a BA in Arabic-English Translation and English Literature from Ain Shams University, Cairo.

1. A different alphabet makes reading and writing difficult. As Arabic is written from right to left, English looks backwards to Arabic speakers, meaning they can find course books overwhelming.

Adults, in particular, may be slower in the initial stages of studying English than learners whose first language uses the same alphabet as English. We offer Arabic Worksheets, Books, Videos, Songs and Software. Find this Pin and more on Arabic Resources by Raki's Rad Language Resources.

Write the number after Find this Pin and more on Arabic Numbers Worksheets by Arabic Worksheets. Daughter Teaching Students Products Arabic Lessons Learning Arabic Arabic Language Image Bingo Cards.

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I especially like the last one, "really enjoy the book with your child." I'm forever grateful that my mom read to .

Teacher made students write arabic numbers
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