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Indeed, he seems passive aggressive in stating that his only need for contentment comes in service - and he has no other desires. The prologue, then, besides establishing the basic narrative devices that will drive the story forward, does more to introduce us to the vagaries and idiosyncrasies of the butler of Darlington Hall.

All in all, he says he is quite satisfied. However, Miss Kenton eventually decides that there are other things in life that are worth striving to attain, like getting married and having a family. Stevens decides to bring the matter up again with Mr. He confesses that perhaps there is no dignity in not being able to say he made his own mistakes.

But he finds others with competing definitions. Harris tells Stevens that dignity is in no way a simple acquiescence to professionalism, but rather quite the opposite - the ability of a man to speak his opinions and truth no matter the circumstances. Stevens obliges but fails on two occasions and finally gives up, since Mr.

The situation with the young Mr. Stevens is, to put it mildly, quite detail-oriented, and certainly obsessive about his duties. Indeed, Sir Cardinal tells Stevens that Lord Darlington is being unduly influenced by his father to take pro-German action and ultimately help prop up the Nazis.

Deep down, Stevens is seeking to finally build his own identity, and he finds tremendous freedom in pretending as if he had met all the British luminaries as a result of his own professional prowess.

He notes now that he never received a reply from Miss Kenton confirming that she wanted to meet, but he says knowing her, a lack of letter means she is more than happy to meet.

Here is some background on the Treaty which ended World War I that will help you make sense of much of the political discussion in the book. Farraday and all their guests -- a world in which he must maintain rigid formality and attentiveness at all times.

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Though Stevens loves his father, there is clearly a thick wall between them precisely because his father is so deeply mired in work. One evening, two drunk guests of his Lord asked Stevens to take them on a drive around the local villages. The moment it does, he seizes upon her latest letter as evidence that she is waiting for him to come and rescue her - and bring her back to his castle, like a prince in a fairy tale.

Miss Kenton departs from her usual decorum and says she is surprised Stevens can admit that Lisa is competent because he always had such a strong aversion to having pretty girls on the staff of Darlington Hall.

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In Wodehouse, even the Oswald Mosley-like Roderick Spode of the Black Shorts movement, as close to an evil character as that author ever created, is rendered comically pathetic by "swanking about," as Bertie says, "in footer bags.

Suggested Essay Questions 1. He tells her that Mr. Only after these narratives have failed to satisfy him does he realize that he is unfulfilled.

Perhaps one of the odder moments in the novel comes when Stevens is asked by Lord Darlington to inform Mr. He vows first to return to Darlington Hall and surprise Mr.

As a result, then, this convention at Darlington Hall will assemble Britons, Germans, Belgians, French, Italians, and Swiss in all ranks - clergymen, military gentlemen, writers and thinkers - in order to determine how to correct the Treaty of Versailles to that Germany and its inhabitants were not punished so severely and forced into economic chaos.

For all its lack of a narrative, The Remains of the Day has the power of a thriller precisely because we want Stevens to find happiness. Miss Kenton tells Stevens she will quit if they are indeed fired, but later reneges on her vow. He believes that silver polish came to be one of the key shifts in his profession - the emphasis on silver-polishing as one of the key duties of a butler.

He notes that he is quite sure that Farraday is not satisfied with his responses, and even notes that his employer makes even more stinging barbs these days in an effort to provoke a response. Benn at the end of the book, she has already come to terms with her own loveless marraige and given up on the dream of love.

In the case of Stevens, he is entrusted by Lord Darlington with the most delicate and seemingly inappropriate matters - for instance, informing Mr. The Remains of the Day - Glossary of Terms 6. But Stevens cannot separate his human desire from work - and cannot find any other way of framing his own identity or sexuality without contextualizing it in work.

By now, however, Stevens has clearly fallen in love with Miss Kenton. A year later, Lord Darlington had severed all connections to his friend and he asked Stevens if he could figure out what happened to Ruth and Sarah, as it had been wrong to dismiss them. He was so concerned with dignity, with being a great butler to someone else, that he never followed his own dreams.

Miss Kenton comes down and informs him that his father has passed away.The Remains Of The Day Essay Examples. 16 total results. An Analysis of The Remains of the Day, a Novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. 2, words.

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6 pages. A Look at Dignity in Kazuo Ishiguro's Novel, The Remains of the Day. 1, words. 3 pages. The Remains of the Day – Suggested Essay Questions The Remains of the Day – Essays Topics The Remains of the Day – Quiz [ 25 Questions ] The Remains of the Day – Quiz Answers Kazuo Ishiguro – The Remains of the Day: Background on the Treaty of Versailles.

The Remains of the Day ignores Suez, even though that débâcle marked the end of the kind of Britain whose passing is a central subject of the novel.) Nothing much happens.

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In a sense, Stevens's entire journey is a search for the precious jewel he has lost—Miss Kenton. When Stevens's father falls on the steps, he insists he fell because they were crooked, not due to any fault on his own part.

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