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Qaumi ittehad the basis Qaumi ittehad this report a new Constitution was framed and given to the nation on 1 March Under the Constitution, the Parliament may also legislate for two or more Provinces by consent and request made by those Provinces. It consist of members, from East Pakistan and Qaumi ittehad West Pakistan including 13 reserved seats for women 6 were from West Pakistan and 7 from East Pakistan.

Those justifying the coup, argue that no agreement had been reached between the two sides. Article 50 of the Constitution provides that the Parliament of Pakistan shall consist of president and the two houses known as the National Assembly and the Senate.

The constitution provided for Parliamentary form of government with all the executive powers in the hands of Prime Minister. The Members of the National Assembly are elected for a term of 5 years whereas the Members of the Senate are elected for a term of 6 years with staggered elections every 3 years The Parliament of Pakistan — viz the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan — met on 10 August in the old Sindh Assembly Building at Karachi.

Aik manzil ki nishandehi karta hai. Later, in October,the Parliament was shifted to Dhaka. Its members were nominated by the president. The president, who is at the apex, is elected by members of both houses of the Parliament and the Provincial Assemblies.

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Although the first general election were scheduled Qaumi ittehad earlyPresident Iskandar Mirza abrogated the Constitution, dissolved the National and Provincial Assemblies, and declared Martial Law, on 7 October He enjoys the confidence of the majority of the members of the National Assembly.

There are two Hazaras — set apart from each other in many ways, including language, culture and outlook. The Senate consists of members, of whom 14 members are elected by each Provincial Assembly, 8 members are elected from Federally Administered Tribal Areas FATAs by the Members of National Assembly from these areas, 2 members, 1 woman and 1 Technocrat is elected from the Federal Capital by the Members of National Assembly, 4 women and 4 Technocrats are elected by the members of each Provincial Assembly.

If the Federal Government proclaims State of Emergency in any province, the power to legislate about that province is vested in the Parliament. The first session of this Council was held on 11 January General elections under the new Constitution were held on 28 March and elections to the special seats reserved for women were held on 29 May The country offers a multi-party system, with numerous parties.

The opposition charged the government with rigging the elections to the National Assembly and thereafter boycotted the Provincial Assemblies elections.

The President, according to the Constitution, is at the apex, representing the unity of the Republic. Under the Constitution, elections to the 10 seats reserved for minority were held on separate electorate basis.

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However, just before the draft could be placed in the house for approval, the Assembly was dissolved by the then Governor General Ghulam Muhammad on 24 October The bill relating to the Federal Legislative List can be originated in either house.

The draft of this Constitution was introduced in the Assembly on 9 January and was passed by the Assembly on 29 February There is a democratic procedure to remove the Prime Minister from his office if he loses confidence of the majority of the members of the National Assembly.

Haripur has one national Qaumi ittehad three provincial seats, and its Khanpur region is considered a stronghold of the Raja family, while the Tareens are influential in Haripur city. The court also allowed the military government to bring necessary Constitutional Amendments, provided that those should not change the basic feature of Federal Parliamentary democracy, independence of judiciary and Islamic provisions in the Constitution.

Elections in Pakistan At the national level, Pakistan elects a bicameral legislature, the Parliament of Pakistan, which consists of a directly elected National Assembly of Pakistan and a Senate, whose members are chosen by elected provincial legislators.

Frequently, no single party holds a majority, and therefore parties must form alliances during or after elections, with coalition governments forming out of negotiations between parties. The historic 18th Constitutional Amendment was presented and passed by the National Assembly on 8 April and Senate on 15 April respectively.

Amid the chaos, one thing that stands out is that the showdown is primarily between the PML-N and PTI, with smaller groups and electables claiming their share of the electoral pie.Pakistani general election, expressed the maximum intention to vote for either the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) or the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, at 33 per cent each.

Parliament of Pakistan

While this figure may appear anomalistic in the MQM's case – support for the party within the second highest income bracket (those earning betweenand. Qaumi Ittehad Foundation This NGO provides free Computer education to poor people.

Doubtless, education is the Qaumi ittehad powerful catalyst for social transformation. Sairkistan Qaumi Ittehad Sindh Taraqi Passand Party (STP) Sunni Ittehad Council Tehreek-e-Istehkaam Pakistan Tehreek-e-Suba Hazara Tehreek-e-Ittehad Ummat Pakistan Tehreek Tabdili Nizam Pakistan Menecracy Action Party of Pakistan Pakistan Muslim League Haqiqi.

© Urdu Essay All rights reserved: Site formazameenmazameen. In PK, MMA’s Ibrar Tanoli, who was among the Qaumi Watan Party’s ministers sacked on corruption allegations, is contesting against PTI’s Zahid Chanzeb and independent candidate former minister Habibur Rehman Tanoli.

PPP’s former minister is Muhammad Shuja Khan is also a strong candidate. Pakistan National Alliance Not to be confused with National Alliance (Pakistan). The Pakistan National Alliance (Urdu: پاکستان قومی اتحاد, Acronym: PNA), was a populist and consolidated right-wing political alliance, consisting of nine political parties of the billsimas.comcal position: Right-wing.

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