Literature survey on leave management system

The researchers also concluded that motivation is a key factor as well in affecting job stress among employees. The authors concluded that there is no affect of stress on job performance in the selected organization.

The sample consisted of a public university academician from Klang Valley area in Malaysia. The results showed that there are six possible sources of job stress for nurses in public hospitals which are: Paired samples t-test was used after transforming and recoding the personality type scale to the same format of the work environment conditions.

The results also showed that there is significant negative relationship between job stress and job satisfaction. Employees who are highly motivated will feel happier and are more willing to work for the organizations.

The language should be passive rather than active. Quantitative data was analyzed with the help of cross-tabulations and tests for significance. The results showed that Women general practitioners showed positive signs of mental wellbeing and were satisfied with the job.

Various statistical measures were used for the purpose of analysis, for example confirmatory factor analysis CFA of a single first-order model.

A survey questionnaire was designed and distributed to employees working at different levels in each selected organization. The researcher concluded that prevention strategies are needed to focus on the employees and improve their coping skills against the demanding conditions through initiatives such as employee assistance programs EAPs.

Data was collected for both dependent mental health, job satisfaction, alcohol consumption, and smoking and independent variables job stress, demographic factors, and personality. Results showed that rewards, participation, politics, and career development, were serious sources of job stress for the internal auditors.

The results showed that work-family conflicts and performance pressure are the most stressful aspect of work. And in the end, results are briefly explained. Similarly, one-way analysis of variance ANOVA was carried out to assess job stress in different departments of the organization.

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Additionally, means, standard deviation and intercorrelations of the main variables of the study were calculated to present the general results of the study. The results also showed that organizational job stressors in the work environment were more a source of stress than the so-called individual job factors.

Multivariate analysis was used for the purpose of evaluation. Linda Lee Larson conducted a research to examine the sources of job stress for the internal auditors employees of an organization whose job is to review company operations to determine whether acceptable policies and procedures are followed.

Stress Diagnostic Survey was used for the purpose of collecting data. The author concluded that the most important stressors are: Various statistical methods such as cross-sectional analysis, description analysis and regression analysis were employed to compare the data.

Al-Aameri conducted a research to analyze the different sources of job stress for nurses. On the other hand, male doctors showed significantly higher anxiety scores than the norms, had less job satisfaction, and drank more alcohol than their women counterparts.

The study also concluded that respondents would like to be paid more and participate more in the decision-making processes relating to their jobs. The determinants of job stress which were examined under the study include management role, relationship with others, workload pressure, homework interface, role ambiguity, and performance pressure.

SSource of job stress for nurses in public hospitals, Saudi Medical Journal, 24 11pp. The Data for this study were obtained by mailing a survey questionnaire to a national sample of 1, internal auditors who were members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

A research was conducted by Tang and Chen-Hua Chang to examine how role stress and various performances of individuals are related. For this purpose a sample two hundred and two employees from 25 Taiwanese manufacturers or service sector was taken. For this purpose a sample of employees in a number of organizations in the United Arab Emirates was used.

The wanted to evaluate the experience of work stress among professionals in Singapore. Non-probability sampling technique was used and a total of respondents were selected as a sample of the study.

YousefJob satisfaction as a mediator of the relationship between role stressors and organizational commitment A study from an Arabic cultural perspective, Journal of managerial psychology, 17,4, pp Ahsan et al.

Yousef conducted a research to analyze the mediating role of job satisfaction between role stressors, namely role conflict and role ambiguity as sources of stress. Results also concluded that the employees in the private sector experience more stress than those in public or NGO sectors.

For this purpose questionnaires were designed and distributed to all academic staff at a Scottish Higher Education Institute.With a cloud-based leave management system, your team can easily manage paid employee leave, sick leave, medical leave and employee time off.

Review your employee leave policies, leave types and annual leave to make your company a more attractive workplace.

In educational institutes, an effective and efficient information management system that should help management at all level for planning, policy making, and management can be developed by adopting common data collection instruments, by developing data processing software and by adopting all of the procedures for quality control and assurance.

Literature Review on Performance Management System 1.

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THE billsimas.comSITY OF BARODA Literature Review on Performance Management System ( Final) (Human Resource Management) Study by DDI (), Performance Management Practices is. Literature Review of Management Research mbalectures February 12, February 21, 1 Comment There are few important things which must be considered for the purpose of.

Literature Review Draft Karen Foss, Library LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR PARANG SCHOOL INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND At its core, a Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application or Web based technology used to plan, implement, and assess a.

OCR System: A Literature Survey History of machine recognition of scripts Components of an OCR System Before we present a survey on various approaches used in the literature for leave the foreground image unchanged. Thus, binarization separates the foreground and.

Literature survey on leave management system
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