June 2009 us history regents dbq essay

Below is a visual representation of this division: Compose a thesis statement in which you explain what the essay is about, or what you are trying to prove. Maintain a third person perspective and refrain from using statements such as "this essay will be about History and Government Regents Exam will follow suit in June Write the body paragraphs.

Revisit the historical context and determine if you can use part or all of this statement in your introduction.

Summarize the subject of the essay. Be sure to use most of the documents provided in Part A in order to provide evidence which proves your thesis statement, and to meet the criteria in the rubric to earn a full credit for your essay.

What is a DBQ Question?

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Once you understand what the task is asking you to write about, compose a thesis statement that addresses these issues. Explain what you concluded about the essay question. Summarize how the information in the body of your essay proves your point. You can often do this by restating the question in a different way.

Regardless of the type of government, there are obvious advantages and disadvantages involved in both types of political systems. Thematic essays responses are organized into three sections: While similar to a traditional essay in many respects, the thematic essay also has several unique characteristics.

Be sure to include all of the following components: Carefully read or view each document in Part A of the DBQ question, and answer the question that follows each document.

There are differerent ways in which to accomplish this: For example, the sample DBQ below contains a task that could be reworded to form a thesis statement such as: Therefore, several types of political systems have evolved over time, from those that are controlled absolutely as well as some that follow a democratic tradition.

Read the task section in Part B of the DBQ essay question and analyze it in order to figure out what it is asking you to do. Quite simply, a thematic essay: If your thesis does not address the body paragraphs that will follow, compose a sentence that briefly introduces each topic.

In Part Bstudents are provided with a specific task which must be addressed in an essay response.

What specifically is the task in the thematic essay question asking you to do? Organize the information that you want to use in your essay through the use of an outline. Look in the "Task" section of the question for key words such as:Below you will find a listing of the last NYS Global History Regents topics for both the Thematic and DBQ Essay.

While this list can assist you on focusing on topics that have not appeared in a while, you should be aware that topics repeat often over the course of a couple of years such as different versions of Change, and Conflict.

United States History and Government Regents Review. DBQ Essay.

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DO NOT WRITE THE ESSAY USING THE DOCUMENTS ONLY!!!! Use the documents to help you write the essay and prove your point(s).

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U.S. History REGENTS State ESSAY TOPICS Exam DATE: Multiple Choice [ Part I] Thematic Essay [ Part II] DBQ Essay [ Part III a ] the Short Answer Questions June U.S.

History Exam August US Supreme Court. Cases (2) President. REGENTS HIGH SCHOOL EXAMINATION GLOBAL HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY Friday, June 19, Geography and United States History and Government.

Scoring the Part I Multiple-Choice Questions On the detachable answer sheet, indicate by means of a checkmark each Thematic Essay June Scoring Notes: 1. interdisciplinary exams Each download includes the exam, answer booklet, answer key and conversion chart, where available/applicable.

For the Information Booklets for Scoring the Regents Exams, please visit JMAP's Regents Resources. [3] United States History and Government Content-Specific Rubric Thematic Essay January Scoring Notes: 1.

This thematic essay has a minimum of four components (the historical circumstances that led to each of two periods of migration and the impact of each migration on the United States).

June 2009 us history regents dbq essay
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