Is there a price for being too nice

This is no way for you to be living! I used to have a huge circle of friends This behaviour is extremely detrimental to your level of confidence, happiness and emotional well-being. They are also characterized for being very passive and easier to manipulate.

If they are the sales person, they could lose many customers for the organization and make them lose profit. Your thoughts and opinions matter! This is generally the rap against being too quick to put your needs aside in favor of the needs of others, and many, many respondents pointed out this danger.

People-Pleasers – the price for being too nice

Often, the effects of personality depend on the situation. On average, yes, men have the advantage over women because they have that aggressive approach and can work themselves out of any situation, good or bad.

Feelings can be transmitted to people when they are surrounded by them. Having an agreeable person at that moment helps to swallow better the situation, calm down, and try to identify the problem.

Now is the time to make a change and become who you really are and share that BEST version of yourself with the world! This trait could harm them in many ways. Also, their coworkers can manipulate them and keep them from selling and they can also take away their clients.

Is There a Price for Being too Nice? Essay

Many women I know have so much to do, and not enough time to do it. People will see you as weak For people who work on sales, for example financial institutions selling and buying stocks, this trait is harmful for them.

This is a situation where stress hits and your brain stops making sense. In order for the organization to succeed or improve, they need employees who are going to work hard and be successful at what they do, but also combine them with agreeable people to keep a nice and comfortable environment for the employees.

You attract the wrong kind of people Kindness may be a prerequisite for healthy and meaningful relationships, but an utter inability to set boundaries can come across as an invitation to those with draining emotional needscautions poster Borang Touch. Though there was broad agreement that kindness is always a virtue, a consensus emerged that there also is such a thing as too nice.

They are also pleasant people to have around; they help control the mood of the environment and with that help others to be calmer and happier in order to give the customer the best service they can get. Although that is a good thing for the customers, sometimes that loses opportunities for women in these situations.Being less successful at your job could cost the organization or company a lot of money and also it could lead to many other problems such as customer service or financial matters.

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Case study Is There a Price for Being Too Nice Q1. Do you think there is a contradiction between what employers want in employees (agreeable employees) and.

People-Pleasers – the price for being too nice Most women like to be thought of as a nice person, easy to get along with, and accommodating. I have many clients that are very nice, but they are sick and tired of being taken advantage of, constantly being ignored, having.

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I'll say it again — there's nothing wrong with being nice. The only time it's bad is when you it brings on a sense of resentment, or. There are endless things that clamor for our attention. Many of them are good, yet The High Price of Being Leslie’s new book, Article: The High Price of Being .

Is there a price for being too nice
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