Internship report on ptv

Availability of on-line Flight Information, live surge and fall of stock exchanges, news updates etc. There are some terms and condition given by PTV and followed by Mobilink: It is centralized structure where decisions are basically made by higher management.

I did my internship in finance department and accounts department finance department have I.

Internship Report on PTV

Payment made by cheque in favor of Pakistan Television Corporation Ltd. Government uses PTV as an opinion building tool to support the activities that are performed by government. In second column the name of the product is writte which shows that against which product or service the contract number stands.

Moreover the client mainly will be in touch with the marketing agencies that what type of product or service they have to play, what are its basic functions and use. As these are the products during which the ads are played and these are a way to attract different companies to sponsor them and have there ad played.

Written by Muhammad Yousaf Internship Report; every student has to submit an internship report document at the end of the internship journey.

Which is the fair market value of consideration given or received. PTV Sports is fully entertainment channel of sports. Release order is order in form of paper in which the ads play description and details are given Internship report on ptv client to PTV.

Pension fund investments These investments are stated at cost. Not only this but the payments of amount for more than Rs. The client also tells that what production or outcome that he want to get from that advertisement. Marketing department has to work on complete process to run ads.

As PTV is a well-known organization not only in Pakistan but also around the world, for it is the only organization, which claims to provide family entertainment, education and information.

General Manager of marketing and sales give me some basic information about finance department and also admin and personnel department. The area under the umbrella of TV signals steadily raised from sq. There is specific time period of relaxation to client for recovery of 90 days.

It will telecast news after every 30 minutes like other international and worldwide channels. During my internship I have learned a lot of skills that shall be helpful for me throughout my life. And all transactions are recorded according to their codes.

This will enhance the public interest in the PTV channel and will be popularized among the public. There are 8 departments that are serviceable in Islamabad centre. After receiving release order I follow the instruction which given to me by manager of marketing and sales, inform to the client to receiving release order and then read carefully the release order and discuss it with the customer on phone, if there is any problem in release order then ask to the customer to correct it and sent it to again.

With the setting up of more transmitters and Super high frequency links to cover the remote areas and mountainous terrain of the province, the television service would be further extended deep into the interior.

The GM of marketing understand me with the marketing department work and also give me the some basic information of others department. The corporation is also engaged in commercial advertising and collection of TV license fees. The details of my supervisors are as following: The reminder should sent after specific time period, first reminder sent to client after playing ads and if the client not paid the money within one week then after one week second reminder will be sent if there is no positive response then also sent after four weeks third reminder after 8 weeks and last reminder sent after 90 days of played ads, and if there is no response after last reminder then PTV have right to sue on client.

The promotion of programmes has been totally been revamped in lieu of improved re-packaging and tailor made programming along with energized marketing strategy. This department deals with all types of payments like salary payment, petty cash, and medical expenses and also with maintenance and preparing of ledgers etc.

The Accountant Billing heads this section and the main function of this section is to made payments of all bills i. Via satellite programs are fed to the other PTV Centers through the national network link.

PTV has to show all its programs according to standards. Dramas, news, programs, talk shows, serials, music shows etc are the basic product of PTV. Some initial precautionary measures before you start composing your document are given below: The first of these went on air in Lahore on November 26, and the other at Dacca in December I have observed that PTV lacks in having a proper system for recruiting and selection of employees.Internship Report PTV (Pakistan television) Submitted By Arsalan Dar () Submitted To Ma’am Rabia Nawaz (Placement Dept.

IU) Table of Content ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 3 1. internship report 1. papers,printing the report among others which sets back quality of a report ConclusionThe internship exercise was mainly to enable me acquire practical skills and link theory topractice in the real world so as to meet the labour market needs.

I have been able to acquirepractical skills like loan processing, record. Afsheen Gul has done MSc in Communication Sciences from Fatima Jinnah Women University, has worked as Internship at PTV News and lives in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

internship report 5 opening anniversary of PTV in Pakistan, as the first PTV Center was established in Lahore on 26th November, and later on too, most of the Centers. Internship Report; every student has to submit in the end of your internship journey.

Students must learn step by step internship report writing skills Internship Report – Internship Report Sample, Format, Example. Add Comment. Internship Report – Internship Report Sample Japan METI Government Internship Program –. Internship report On Pakistan Television (PTV) Headquarter, Islamabad.

Internship Report – Internship Report Sample, Format, Example


Internship report on ptv
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