Internship report of ab bank on accounting information system

All sorts of day- to- day transactions are performed in here as it plays a vital role in banking. The product offers the flexibility of premature encashment at a predetermined value as well as the convenience of borrowing against amount, details of which are given below: Alongside the conventional interest bearing banking system, Bangladesh entered into an Islamic banking system profit-loss sharing in Foreign Trade Islamic Banking Wing provides the following services at its foreign trade desks: In other way we may call Islamic Banking as participatory banking.

It also pays on behalf of its customers for those instruments that come to it through clearinghouse. Grameen Phone bills also collect here.

Sector of Investment Islamic Banking Wing of the bank finances in all sectors i. This has remained unchanged till date while SLR for the traditional commercial banks has been changed several times which presently is fixed at 18 percent. In principle, direct investments as well as financial intermediation are accepted as part of the Islamic framework.

Total deposits of the Islamic banks and Islamic banking branches of the conventional banks stood at Taka And rest of the three parts are interview process. Opening of LCs Export bill purchase and negotiation Pre-shipment financing etc.

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Growth of Islamic Banking in Bangladesh Bangladesh is the third largest Muslim country in the world with around million populations of which 90 percent are Muslim.

Sin developed and de3veloping countries, this unique banking system works side by side with other conventional banking. The traditional capitalist banking system depends on interest.

Thus, documentary credits are akin to bank guarantees. Thus, it differs from a interest-free system in which the risk is mainly borne by the entrepreneur or by the user of capital.

Like LIM in this case too bank may or may not realize margin on the total landed cost, ending upon banker customer relationship. If the cash stock goes beyond this limit, the excess cash is then transferred to Bangladesh Bank.

The decade of s was the decade of success and expansion at a faster rate. Under this mode the Bank and the client procure asset such as machinery, landcar etc. Characteristics of Islamic Banking Islamic Banking is a progressive and revolutionary banking system, working effectively and reputedly in modern days in many parts of the globe.

For example Islam not only forbids the drinking of alcohol but also banned any business of alcohol. An Islamic bank is not only a banker but also a partner in business.

While there are scopes for some debt-based transactions of the principle of quard-e-hasana, the overall trust of the Islamic banking towards equity based and risk sharing arrangements. The system essentially involves sharing of risk between the owner of capital and entrepreneurs, as well as sharing the result of the collective efforts.Sep 28,  · Internship Report on Performance Evaluation of AB Bank Limited Introduction The purpose of the report is to analyze the operating procedures of the general banking system in Bangladesh and discuss on those issues.

Measurement of NCC Bank Limited An Internship Report Presented to the Partial Fulfillment for the Award of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting & Information Systems (AIS) Supervised By- Prof.


Md. Abu Sina, Professor, Dept.

of Accounting & Information Systems (AIS), Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh. The internship report is a basic requirement of the BBA program of the School of Business, University.

At present ID is headed by an AVP of the bank. Information Technology Division (ITD): At present, ITD is based on Corporate Office and in the Gulshan Branch. and development a corporate brand image in the market through. intern during the internship period will make them more elegant and professional in their future job sector.

I was started my internship at Medi Rome Limited, Head Office, from 9th September, and finished at 6th January, The internship report focuses on Account Management Team as well as its activities in Medi Rome Limited.

The topic of the report has been consulted & directed by the internship supervisor from International Business Administration and Information System University (IBAIS).The purpose of this report is to get an idea about the “Accounting Information System of.

This internship report is a written representation of the various activities performed within the Online Operations Management System of AB Bank Limited, under the direct supervision of its IT Division.2/5(4).

Internship report of ab bank on accounting information system
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