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Especially when paired with my suggestions for Old Schooling Up 5eI think "Up or Down" initiative could go a long way to streamline a potentially complex process.

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The complexity of mediated violence is immense, and Initiative 901 kicking butt and can and has fulfilled numerous and varied functions: If part of being feminist means breaking from traditional gender roles, then the violence within Buffy serves an important feminist function.

She comfortably returns to the position of privilege from which the post-feminist perspective derives. Feminist Politics and Post-feminist Culture. Buffy was able to embody characteristics of both the masculine and the feminine, but could she ever insist on embodying neither?

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Buffy opts for power-in-numbers over power from men, and significantly, Willow is the one to cast the spell that gives the potentials their power. Community is valued over individualism at almost every opportunity.

I will discuss the implication of the fact that she is necessarily violent due to her being the slayer, which justifies her violence to the audience. Eventually, Faith chooses evil over good and begins working for the forces of darkness in Sunnydale.

Once everyone has taken an action, we go back to Step One and re-roll initiative. Violence is depicted at its most heinous when enacted by characters who have traversed the divide between good and evil, especially when those characters have the moral faculties to know the difference, and choose, between good and evil.

Throughout the series, Buffy is represented as a sexual agent in charge of her own pleasure. Based on that description alone, Buffy seems to encompass a second-wave feminist utopia. While I do agree that Buffy sometimes embodies a post-feminist or even anti-feminist perspective, the overarching themes of the show assert again and again that female empowerment is a positive thing.

I added in re-rolling initiative every round when I realized how easy it is to keep track of "Up or Down" init, which lends a bit of unpredictability and switches things up so every round of combat runs a little bit different from each other.

Gender and the Politics of Popular Culture. First, it is necessary to define the terms of the discussion. Of the main male characters, Angel and then Spike are the two who use violence the most effectively. Fortunately, I argue that the show deliberately moves away from this sort of understanding.

In other words, the slayer line was created by men, to protect other men, and they did it by forcing a girl to become infected with part of the life force of a demon. Rhonda Wilcox and David Lavery. In Season Seven, two black characters are introduced: Wood, especially, becomes a main character and it should be noted that this marks a shift in representation from earlier seasons.

In other words, Buffy is open to interpretation. Giles and Xander are often seen on the receiving end of violent behaviour, whereas Buffy, Willow, Anya, and the potential slayers are all inflicting it.

In this paper, I set out to examine the multiple aspects of the show that can be regarded as feminist. This is an academic paper. Again, the use of violence is made more reprehensible to the audience by its graphic nature. Open Court Publishing, Buffy is more empowered for refusing to strictly adhere to the codes of femininity or masculinity.

Buffy and Spike experiment with dominance games and rough sex, and their encounters generally involve violence. On the one hand, this move points to a valuing of femininity not often seen on television. The other two slayers that appear throughout the series, Kendra and Faith, serve to reinforce this lesson about the value of community.

In some ways, Buffy can be read as overtly feminist; in other ways, the show seems to be caving in to popular demand for young, sexually attractive female television leads. She uses violence to protect the usually innocent humans from the usually evil demons.

In the Buffyverse what seems to matter most is the moral agency of the character enacting the violence. Buffy, a character committed to doing good, is portrayed as justified in using any means necessary to save the world from evil.

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To begin, Buffy is straight, white, petite, super able-bodied, and relatively privileged, despite the fact that her mother is a single parent. Rethinking Feminism and Film Violence. She learns that they created the first slayer by chaining a girl to the earth and infecting her with the heart of the demon.

Violent women in film are often pathologized in some way, but Buffy is portrayed as a relatively normal woman throughout the series — she just also happens to be a vampire slayer.Petite Mistress gives pathetic slave good cock kicking and ball busting.

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Before I be accused of creating a solution in need of a problem, let me explain what my particular issue with individual initiative is: it's freaking complex!

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