Geo strategic importance pakistan

Geo strategic importance pakistan is no doubt that Pakistan has a great importance in the world. What is the difference between geo-politics and geo-strategy? Coining the term[ edit ] The term "geo-strategy" was first used by Frederick L. The four regions echoing Mackinder and Spykman are: Both are wealthy and powerful but one is blessed with more friends than the other.

More precisely, geostrategy describes where a state concentrates its efforts by projecting military power and directing diplomatic activity. As such, the great progress of historical development would not flow from north to south, but from east to west, in this case leading toward Asia as the locus of advance.

The huge glaciers supply water in the rivers. He served in Jordan, annihilating Palestinian forces and he was a primary commander in the soviet war.

It has resources rich area in the northwest, people rich in the North East.


Ratzel wrote on the natural division between land powers and sea powersagreeing with Mahan that sea power was self-sustaining, as the profit from trade would support the development of a merchant marine. For this the two main parts of this South Asian region, the Gwader port and the Chahbahar port of Iran were the vital ones.

In all these issues Pakistan is directly or indirectly involved.

Germany had a high population densitywhereas the old colonial powers had a much lower density: Furthermore, for its rapidly flourishing international trade, China looks towards Pakistan for giving it an easy access to the Muslim countries of Central Asia and the Middle East.

Geographical Location of Pakistan: It could perhaps be said that the episode of Vietnam was a source of immense irritation for the United States forces as their expectations were shattered and their resources plunged. He theorized that states were organic and growing, and that borders were only temporary, representing pauses in their natural movement.

As most developed nations and resources lay above the North—South dividepolitics and commerce north of the two canals would be of much greater importance than those occurring south of the canals.

This kind of war is fought with money, intelligence and strategy.Pakistan’s Strategic Importance.

By Hamza Azhar Salam On Mar 28, Share. People often say that Pakistan is a poor country. With weak institutions, shabby infrastructure facilities, limited provision of electricity and gas, inflation, illiteracy, extremism, terrorism, polio and a population growth synonymous with several.

Geo- Strategic means importance of a country or a region as by virtue of its geographical location. Geo political is defined as, stressing the influence of geographic factors on the state power, international conduct and advantages it derives from its location.

The geo-politics and geo-strategy are applied to evaluate the strategic importance of a state. 2.

GEO STRATEGIC SIGNIFICANCE OF PAKISTAN Pakistan enjoys great geo strategic significance by virtue of its geographical location.5/5(2). The withdrawal of Soviet Union from Afghanistan once again altered the geopolitical and geo strategic importance of Afghanistan. The resultant power vacuum, infighting among the Mujahedeen commanders, weak government of Najibulla at Kabul, and the lack of United States support to Pakistan, were to a large extent responsible for the state of.

Aug 06,  · Geo strategic means the importance of a country or a region as by virtue of its geographical location. Stephen Cohn describes this importance while history has been unkind with Pakistan, its geography has been its greatest benefit.

Pakistan’s geo-strategic importance can be best understood in the regional and global perspective. In geographical terms, it is surrounded by four countries: Afghanistan, Iran, India and China, each of which is a major player in international politics.

Geo strategic importance pakistan
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