E commerce initiatives

Download our 17 Reasons infographic below for a quick checklist of why your e-commerce initiative should start with a killer brand strategy. With 60 million new websites every year, you need to bring your A-game.

E-Commerce Initiative

Considerations A company that sells a specialized product might not able to sell enough product in a localized area to achieve profitability.

The Internet has the potential to allow a small local or regional business to expand to a national or international scale, which may allow certain businesses to achieve profits -- businesses that would not be able E commerce initiatives do so otherwise.

Experience The brand strategy should be the cornerstone of the online user experience. For example, a small neighborhood hardware store might not have a website or any online presence during its first few years of operations.

Differentiation There are a million options out there and your competitor is only a click away. Why not get the website up and running and invest in branding when you can afford it, a little at a time? Forrester also predicts that the U.

By that time, e-commerce is expected to account for a full tenth of all retail sales in the U. Other examples of e-business initiatives include paying for online advertisements, using social media sites to connect with potential customers and expanding existing online business operations, such as adding new features or content to a website.

The stronger your brand, the stronger your margin and influence over the marketplace. Many businesses allow customers to purchase products online through web-based stores. According to Forrester Research, a global research and advisory firm, more than 60 million websites were planned for creation in Below are 17 reasons why your e-commerce strategy should start with a killer brand strategy: Some customers may prefer shopping online to having to travel to a physical location to buy goods.

The Internet is a potential channel that businesses can use to provide a product or service and collect payment. Financial Planning Your brand strategy should drive your marketing plan for the next 5 years and enlighten your technology investment as well.

A robust brand strategy will provide the consensus you need to move the ball forward in all areas of your company. Other Online and Offline Impact Your e-commerce site will be used to research purchases in other channels. Enlightenment Breakthrough brand strategies are built on compelling insights based on primary and secondary consumer and market research.

These insights can be the difference between success and utter failure.

What Is an E-Business Initiative?

Organizational Readiness Getting your e-commerce team on the same page is no easy trick. For example, if a small E commerce initiatives store is situated in a neighborhood where few potential customers use the Internet, paying a web developer to create a website might not be the best way for the business to expand.

Integration Your brand is the vehicle for continuity in a fully realized chain of experience that connects emotionally. Optimization Tie your optimization to an authentic brand strategy to make the right first impression. The term "e-business initiative" describes efforts a company makes to expand business operations on the Internet.

Website technology is expensive, and it is tempting to put off the investment in brand strategy; but I believe that the brand strategy is the first step in a winning e-commerce program. The right brand strategy can actually drive your strategic planning. Drawbacks The main drawback of e-business initiatives and any other type of business expansion is that they cost money to pursue and there is no guarantee that they will have the desired results.

E-Business Initiative Basics Many businesses start as purely offline ventures. Benefits One of the primary benefits of expanding online is that customers can access information about a company through online advertising or a company-run website.

But it takes a smart brand strategy to capitalize on your global potential. As businesses grow and expand, however, managers often seek new ways to bring in business and to market their products and services.

Strategic Planning Do you know where you want to be in 5 years? Whether they end up purchasing at their favorite neighborhood retailer or Amazon, the brand will be what they remember as they shop.

Unfortunately, e-commerce is similar to traditional business in one regard: Set the pace for your category and maximize business value long-term by building your e-commerce site on a solid and inspired brand strategy.

A gifted artist and critically acclaimed photographer, Ken is also a superb strategist and marketing practitioner with a passion for building brand equity and loyalty. Business Valuation If you ever plan to sell your online business or go public, your brand will be a key asset.


Customer Lifetime Value CLV If you want your customers back, you have to be positioned in their minds; the right brand strategy will do just that.E-commerce Initiatives: Case Study # E-Shipping Tools. These tools are convenient aids to support your shipping management processes: Web Based Tools.

TrackDart TM. Track the status of your shipment by using the TrackDart TM box, which is available on the upper left panel of every page on our website. You may track shipments sent on.

Electronic Commerce Initiatives. CSOS (Controlled Substances Ordering System) DEA's Controlled Substance Ordering System allows for electronic orders of controlled substances without the supporting paper form DEA E-commerce Initiatives Federal Agencies & Related Links. Hanson Dodge Creative CEO Ken Hanson breaks down 17 reasons why your e-commerce initiative should start with a killer brand strategy.

Download the infographic.

E-Commerce Effectiveness: 10 Tips to Increase Conversion Rates

E-Commerce Initiative Overview According to results from our annual Provider Satisfaction Survey, providers who use electronic solutions are overall more satisfied with the level of services they receive from Beacon Health Options (Beacon), formerly known as ValueOptions.

EXPLANATORY MODEL FOR E-COMMERCE INITIATIVES The turbulence, the constant change in the business envelope, and the specificity of each particular organization, render unviable the formulation of universal prescriptions for EC initiatives. Mar 09,  · In its recent earnings call, Costco‘s management stated that the company’s e-commerce operating margins are higher than its in-store margins and these high margins are sustainable given.

E commerce initiatives
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