Animals in danger of extinction because of deforestation

Also at risk are the Sumatran orangutans that prefer fruit-rich lowland forests just like the Sumatran elephants. He did attempt to revive the Huia population, but he was unsuccessful.

Species become endangered for two main reasons: Although mostly reclusive, the Orang Rimba occasionally interacts with villages on the edge of the forest to trade their goods.

Next Mexican gray wolf The situation of this kind of wolf is more than critical.

Extinct Animals of the Rainforest

It most likely became extinct when its food supply died off. If you are inquiring about which creature on Earth has the capacity to be the most unpredictable and dangerous in the greatest variety of circumstances, then Man is the correct answer. Northern Right Whale The northern right whale was hunted to near extinction for its oil-rich blubber.

Only around of these whales remain in the North Atlantic, and they currently face the threat of entanglement in commercial fishing nets. You have already voted this article Thanks for your vote!

The removal of trees Deforestation occurs to create open space for urban or agricultural use. The European hunters of that period are responsible for the early decline of black rhino populations. As far as poaching goes, thankfully, there is little to no direct targeting of mountain gorillas for bushmeat or pet trade, but they can be caught and harmed by snares set for other animals.

Sciencing Video Vault Amur Leopard The Amur leopard is the rarest of all large cats, with only 40 known to still exist. Despite these ongoing threats, both groups of mountain gorillas have increased in numbers.

Most of Amazon Rainforest's Species Extinctions Are Yet to Come

It is also the enemy of farmers, who expand their territories near jaguars and often defend their flock killing the potential predators. These populations are not likely to survive in the long term.

To Clear of Forests or trees. That model has worked effectively in other parts of the world with endangered animals. This extension confirms the abuse of man of the rest of the planet and underlines the urgent need for protection campaigns for all species, especially the endangered ones.

Although they increasingly attract tourism, accidental fishing, water contamination and hunting for their shells, meat or eggs has nearly decimated these animals. We need to take care of our world, regardless of our religious or political views.However, the Amazon's plant and animal species are under threat by deforestation, mostly due to agriculture and cattle ranging.

[ Stunning Photos of the Amazon. Sumatra's species are in imminent danger of extinction, here's how the Rainforest Trust is helping to protect this animals. Here’s What We’re Doing to Help. One Green Planet accepts.

However, pollution and habitat loss due to human development have pushed this species to the brink of extinction. Amur Leopard The Amur leopard is the rarest of. Australia: World leader in deforestation and species extinction. Australia is a leader in global deforestation and leads the extinction crisis.

Eastern #Australia is 1 of 11 world regions accounting 4 majority of global #deforestation We must and can do better! The Mountain Gorilla has become critically endangered as a consequence of their natural habitat being deforested, predominantly for cattle ranching (Yamagiwa, ).

This species is one of the most famous animals in the world, particularly because of David Attenborough's study of them early in his career. Deforestation tends to occur in fits and spurts, and as it continues, the number of species headed for extinction — the 'extinction debt' — rises.

“If you cut down a patch of habitat and, before the effects are felt, you cut down more habitat, you’ve got some outstanding debt,” explains Daniel Reuman, a mathematician at Imperial College, who also worked on the project.

Animals in danger of extinction because of deforestation
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